21 August 2018 / Process serving Hawaii

When You Need Women Process Servers

When You Need Women Process Servers

When it comes to process server Honolulu Hawaii, you might be wondering why many processes serving companies tend to dispatch women process servers to handle the things. Without a doubt, the statistic shown that women process servers are more successful. The reason is simple and sensible. Women have the advantage over men process servers, their gender.
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The defendants or recipients of the court documents are often doubtful about the credibility of the sender. They tend to be resisting or afraid of the consequences when receiving the reports. There are a lot of bad scenarios going in their mind like the financial problem, embarrassment, and many other things.

Role when serving documents

Many people think that some men will give them papers and intimidate them. These scenarios are often revolving in the defendant’s minds. It is not happening in real life. People are just speculating. A woman who knocks on the door is considered less invasive and less suspicious. Not to mention that the defendants do not imply that women come to their house for the process servers. So, it will also minimize the risks that the defendants will avoid the service.

The commencing of the woman process server is also less invasive, as mentioned. A professional woman process server can handle the service in such a smooth manner that will go unremarked. This will also keep the defendant’s shame at bay. The process serving will be carried out without compromising the privacy of the defendants.

The traits of woman process servers

Due to the friendly traits of woman process servers, the defendants will be less aggressive or less evasive with a woman process server. People who had lousy history in confronting men process servers tend to be self-defensive or even evasive. But with women process servers, the defendants will not relate them as threats.

The defendants, whether they are male or female, will be more comfortable when accepting court documents from a woman process server. Many studies have shown that women have greater empathy in difficult situations. Let’s recall when our mother calms ourselves, and tell the story so that we can sleep. The motherhood of the women can make the defendants calmer. Whether it is right or wrong in certain circumstances, most women process servers have higher success rates than men. As a client of process server Honolulu Hawaii, you will also have a privilege to appoint a woman process server to handle the process serving. Contact your provider now and have your business done.