22 January 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

When Picking the Process Server for Civil Citation or Summons Honolulu


Whether you are having a civil citation or summons Honolulu, reading these tips will ensure you to pick the right process servers to handle the legal things for you. Here are some tips to consider before choosing the process servers.

Their experience

When choosing the professionals, you will want to look at their track records. You will want to work with a party who has the direct experience with the court’s matters. The process server needs to know which courts that accept e-filing. They need to be familiar with the areas they are serving. When it comes to a civil citation or summons Honolulu, it is much better to let the local professionals handle the things for you.

The successful rate

The renowned companies are there for good reasons. They had years of experiences and been maintaining the strong serving rate on papers. The successful process serving company in Honolulu should be able to keep the percentage of success above 85%. If the success rate is lower than that, then you have every right to doubt their services quality. Sensibly, you will want to work with the companies who can assure the success of the serving. You will want to get the values of your money.

Do they have the necessary resources?

The resources are ones of the success keys. If a process serving company does not have enough resources to conduct their activities, it will affect the result as well. You will want to work with the companies who have good networks, utilities, resources, as well as logistics to make sure that the process serving activity is ample.

The expectation levels

Not all process serving companies are bold enough to tell you the truth. They tend to say “white lies” to convince you using their service. Well, it is not that they want to scam you. But they have the different procedure when it comes to the transparency towards the clients — not all companies such great openness. When you consult with their representative, make sure that you have the same common ground of the expectation levels. It will prevent you from disappointment when a mishap happens.

What can go wrong?

You will need to spend an enormous amount of money to make it work. Working with the top company will give you a better chance. But what can go wrong? Some things may be out of the process serving company’s control such as a wrong address on the citation, incorrect contact number, and so on. These slight mistakes should be minimized. At that point, you are also responsible because you are the one giving them the information about the defendant. That’s why you will want to make sure that the data is right.