25 May 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

What We Need to Know About E-Filing


In some countries, some vendors offer e-filling services in legal chores. For instance, a vendor can offer services like filing affidavits of service to the initial action filling. The e-filing services can be prevalent for a law firm, attorney, paralegals, and clients who want to use the process services.

When it comes to e-filing logins, there are also e-court logins. The e-court login is exclusive to a specific attorney. That means there is no vendor, paralegal, or another type of legal individual to receive the logins besides the particular attorney. And the courts will not plan to do so.

Although the court is not taking a position to share the e-court logins, it is essential to know that the attorney who has the credentials will be liable for whatever documents are filled.

There is a practical reason why only the attorney has the credentials. There will be problems when individuals outside the law firms can have access.

  The first issue to note is visible. It is human error. The e-filling in the E-Courts website is manual. That means ones should be meticulous and diligent when filling the form. It is possible that there are multiple documents need to upload. It won’t be good at all if there is any incorrect document to be uploaded. That means the incorrect pleading could be filed fo the case.  

When the error happens, the attorney must file a motion and pay $50 fee to have it removed. But that’s not only a matter of money but also the time we could waste in the process.

The other issue can be the reveals of the information wherein an individual is in part of the case documents. It is essential to know that all the documents are uploaded to the public system. But of course, the exception will go to the criminal division where the information is confidential.

When the vendors log into the e-court to file a pleading, the vendor will access not only the Law and Chancery Divisions but also criminal division. The pleadings filed will be accessible to these vendors. The thing is that the vendors have access to all sealed, privileged, and usual documents. The vendor has full access. Such kind of information can be susceptible to many parties.

To avoid such errors in the child visitation petition and summons Hawaii, your best choice is to hire a reputable process server company. The company will appoint the skillful process servers who know the laws and regulations so that they will conduct the e-filling without any flaw or mishap. Consider contacting your process serving company now.