28 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

What is Skip Tracing?


You might have heard “Skip Tracing” phrase many times and wonder what is it about. Well, you have come to the right page since we are going to explain it to you.

Skip tracing means the process of finding someone’s whereabouts to serve the papers for the lawsuit. Folks have different reactions when they’re informed to help. Since they are dealing with legal action, they tend to evade the detection or even leave their town or city. Working with a cheap process server Hawaii will help you to locate the person so that they will not avoid the process serving.

People who do not wish to be found will do everything to avoid the legal process. The Skip tracing is the method of locating the person. Usually, the process serving company will dispatch their professional process server or even private detective to help them with the mission. The sheriff department can disclose personal information and use public information, as well as the advanced intelligence methods to trace the missing defendants.

Skip Tracing is not limited to the people accused of fraud or other crimes. Skip Tracing is comprehensive for any person whose locations are unknown. People fall in the missing category can be included in skip tracing cases. That means you can also locate the heirs who are missing, extended lost relatives, the witness of a fact, debtors, and many more.

Nokaoi Process Serving company, the best process server company in Nokaoi, can also handle the skip tracing to track down any person who is missing. Before the skip tracing progress, the process servers will fetch crucial information to help them locate a person. The report includes the current address, contact number, office address, SSN, ID, passport, driver’s license number, and so on.

The court documents can be a time-sensitive matter. If the plaintiffs cannot find the defendants, there’ll be risks that require the documents reissuing from the court. Legal processes will be more effective with the skip tracing service. But you can also hire process server for skip tracing non-legal means too. For instance, they can help you with finding your missing relatives and more. The reliable, competitive process server Hawaii can also help you with the other matters like court filings, document retrievals, as well as other routine operations of process service.