03 February 2019 / Process serving Oahu

Tips to Select Process Server for the Child Visitation Petition and Summons


  When ones have the child visitation petition and summons Oahu case, it is fair to seek help from the professional process server company. Here are few tips to select the best process server in Oahu.

The local experience

Hiring nationwide process serving company might be the first option to think. But does not guarantee that the process servers can carry the job better than the local process servers. It is crucial to select the company who have the direct experience in handling child visitation petition and summons Oahu in the courts. The process server should know how all the things work in Oahu. In many cases, public process server can’t grasp the local culture and discourse. So, it is best to focus the search in the Oahu.

The success rates

The parameter that indicates whether a company is reliable or not is their success rate. You might also look it from the side of the duration of the paper serving. The process serving companies in Hawaii have different success rates, more especially in Oahu. It is much safer to focus on the companies who have more than 85% success rate. Not to mention that the turnaround time can be the key to the successful process serving. That’s why it is also essential to ask a process serving company about how fast they can deliver the complete service.

Client portal

The process servers have the advanced technology called client portal. Client portal is a crucial thing to manage the citations. This technology allows two-ways communication is happening between the clients and the process servers. The clients can see the papers in real time, see how their documents sent, the status updates, and other related information.

The organizations they’re involved with

Sometimes, it is hard to locate the best process serving companies since you don’t know the accreditation of the company. The easiest way to find out the company’s credibility is to find out in which affiliations they are involved with. There are many associations explicitly designed for process servers. However, you could focus your cross-checking on these three associations:
  • TPSA – Texas Process Servers Association
  • NAPPS – National Association of Professional Process Servers
  • NARCA – National Association of Retail Collections Attorneys

The prices

And finally, it is the most determining factor. Ones can proceed if the costs of the services fit their budgets.