01 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

Tips on Selecting Your Process Server for the First Time


Hiring the process server in Waianae Hawaii to help you with the documents is the right thing to do. The thing is that not all process server services are great choice. You will want to work with the right person or agency to get the best result possible. Here are the tips to consider when you weigh the services.

The local field experience

If you are consulting with an agency or company, you will want to know how much local experience do they have. It is very crucial aspect because it has direct connection to the specific courts in the area. A professional needs to know which courts that can accept the e-filling and how many attempts they need for the service. If they are good in what they do, they shouldn’t have no problem when you ask about their local experience.

Their successful rates

A company with low successful rate might end up wasting your time and money. The successful rate is very important factor to consider the process server in Waianae Hawaii you choose to hire. You can calculate it simply by taking the total number of papers for the month and divide it with the total papers served by the month. If the company has more than 85% successful rates, you could proceed. Also, you need to know the average time of the delivery as well. Top reputable company should not have any problem in providing 24 turnaround time service.

Do they have client portal software

The key to a success process serving is the communication. As client, it is obvious that you will want to receive the updates and current information from your process servers. If they only rely on their cell phone, you might want to check the list off. Now there is an online client portal software to manage the citations. It allows you to view the papers status in real time. With the client portal, you will easily monitor the progress. It will give you peace of mind.


Do they have affiliations or networks?

The reputable and trustworthy company should have affiliations or join with the associations to vouch their credibility and proficiency. It requires the members to adhere the higher standards in delivering the service. There are many associations but you might want to focus on the top associations to find out your best process servers: NAPPS, TPSA, and NARCA. If you can find the company name on the associations, you can rest assured that you are working with the right party.