01 June 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

The Importance of Knowing Your Process Server – Are They Broker or Not?

        The paper brokers can be maleficent in certain extents. The question is more about do you really know who is handling the process service for you. Many companies are showing up in the company, claiming to be the best in their niche. Often times, the prices and packages relly describe the quality of the companies.  For a low rate these companies might act as broker. So, they accept your services then allowing the independent contractors to work on their behalf.

There is an issue about this system. The most significant issue is that this business model involves the number of individuals who are handling service without the specific training and expertise. Often times, they are not completely familiar with the specific rules and laws.

The independent contractors won’t provide comprehensive training and procedures to complete the work. That means these independent contractors don’t clearly know how to serve and the ethic codes applied on the field.

Besides the issue of the independent contractors, the type of companies work with the individuals which do not have the bounding contracts with them. So, often times, they can’t follow up the progress.

Not to mention that the risks of improper documents from them. The independent contractors are often associated with poor services because they often make minor mistakes. As we know, in the line of duty, a minor mistake can jeopardize the whole case. We must have zero tolerate to mistake because some cases can be more urgent and sensitive than the others. That’s why it is much better to work with the experienced process service Company like Nokaoi Process Serving. It will save you a lot of time and resources. They will make sure the services are valid and accepted by the courts in the end.

Without great training and expertise of the service rules, the quality of service will not be beneficial for you. So, how do you know if a specific process service company is not for you?

One of the most significant signs is the lack of information about the company. When you search online, there is no customer feedback, history of the company, people behind the companies, or any other misfits. You must learn to spot these signs. Working with the reputable companies always works well for you. Indeed, their services are more expensive. But that’s it. Their excellent services give tons of value of your money when handling holdover petition and notice of petition Hawaii.