13 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

The Importance of Employee-Based Process Service Company


When you browse around the candidates of the process servers, you might have found hundreds of search results. There are tons of process serving companies out there that you can find on the net. When you compare their services, you will surely have ample questions to ask. For instance, you will want to know if they use employees or independent contractors to operate.

The answer from such a company can make a huge difference in your case. If the process service company that you find is using independent contractors, there are some concerns that you need to consider.

The independent contractor is almost similar to freelancer. They are free from the control or direction over the performance of such service. The independent contractors are probably updating the rules, laws, and practices. They hold the responsibility by themselves. That means, the company will not provide the training or give direction to the independent contractors.

In many cases, a company which works with independent contractors brings worse results than the company works with the employees. There have been significant reports from disappointed clients who’ve tried the company with the independent contractors before. That includes the feeble attempts, the postponed serving, improper service, due diligence, and so on.

In the other hand, the employee-based companies have higher success rates because of sensible reasons. First things first, the companies are eligible to give the training and education to all of their staffs. They will set the standards by providing the employees the exact directions on how to operate under their umbrella. That means the process server in Hawaii which work with them are bound to the rules and the standard operating procedures issued by the company.

In the traverse hearing, the reliability of independent contractors is still in question. There is a possibility that the service can be contested and the court requires the server to appear in the court. The independent contractors won’t likely to look, which results in ruining your case. The company with employees, on the other hand, will get in touch with you after-service. Some companies even offer the warranty if there is any problem with the affidavit of service.

Proper service is essential to keep your case moving forward. That’s why ones cannot underestimate the importance of choosing the process servers. The employee-based process serving companies offer better services than ones with independent contractors. So, you will want to focus your search on more prospective companies. It will save you a lot of time and effort.