13 August 2018 / Process serving Hawaii

The Fees of Process Servers Hawaii

The Fees of Process Servers Hawaii

Process service is the legal procedure done in the US. The civil process server Hawaii procures the notification about the parties that need to meet the legal action in the court of law or administrative court.

The legal notification will reach to the defendant or recipient through the deliverance of the documents series. The documents contain the important information such as complaints, subpoenas, writs, summonses, civil cases, criminal cases, and many other types of court documents. The individual who is responsible for delivering the documents is called process server. These documents are delivered with the power of the court. That’s why the recipients should be compliant.

The legal process server will deliver the legal documents to the defendant or the individual who is involved in the court case. The process server should deliver the documents according to the legislation in the area of the service. That’s why the process server cannot help processing the documents which the cases happen in another area of service.

The process serving agent

After the documents arrive at the destination, the process serving agent must provide the proof that the papers have been delivered. It is usually called as Proof of Service or Affidavit of Service.

You may ask if you need a process server. Hiring a legal process server is an important activity that will manage the court case. A process server is someone experienced in serving legal documents without hassle. Keep in mind that the process serving can be time sensitive. Only the reliable and experienced agent can conduct the process serving more effectively.

The fees of the process serving>

fees of the process serving Hawaii

Now to answer the question about the fees of the process serving, the rates can be different from one area to another, case to case, and state to state. Same day service or rush service usually costs more than the routine serve. The same day can cost around $100 to $300. The cost of routine service can be as low as $30 and can go up to $100. Contacting the process servers for discussing the prices is an important activity. You will want to ask them about the cost, Turnaround-time, and the attempts number. The attempts number is a crucial factor in looking for the process serving services.

Using the local companies within the case area is a great choice because it will decrease the cost and increase the efficiency. All the process servers who have experience in the field will make sure that the civil process server Hawaii is  done without big hassles.