11 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

The Contested Service


You might or might not hear about the contested service before. Usually, the healthy function of the process goes uncontested by the defendants since they can’t avoid their responsibilities. But there’s a chance that the service is contested if there are any improper issues that violate the rights of the defendants. The problem will conduct before the judge determine whether the service was influenced.

There is any prospective occasion for the defendant to fail the process serving. If a process server kailua-Kona Hawaii can’t prove that the documents have been served appropriately, it is a slit to make the contest. It will be likely to happen when the process server fails to provide proof of services. When it happens, the consequences can be the handicap for the plaintiffs.

Contesting the improper service can happen in about any stage of the case. The case could be in the progress when the contest happens. It can emerge in any phase of the trial. So, it is essential to make sure that you are working with the right process server to avoid any of these happen. Many plaintiffs fail to manage their case because of the improper process serving acts done by their process servers. Therefore, hiring individuals who provide poor services is not a good option. Your chance will be better if you utilize a reputable and trustworthy company.

There is a possibility that you will jump to the traverse hearing. It is where you need to prove sufficient service to establish the jurisdiction. When a defendant does a contested service, they will provide the documentation of the proof of improper service. The tests can be records of the videos or audios that indicate that the process server sends the document without attaining the affidavit of service during the time of service. This situation will likely happen if you work with the wrong process servers. Some of the poor services only take the money from their clients without carrying the best results of process serving. You will want to avoid poor service to prevent this from happening.

The completion of the proper service can be achieved when you work with the right process server. The thing is that not all process service companies can bring fruitful results to you. You will want to avoid the company with lower than 85% success rates. Or, you could also increase your standards for higher success rates. You will want to take care when selecting the process server. Or, you can save your time and effort by reaching us now, the Nokaoi process Serving company.