15 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

The Challenges of International Process Service


It can’t get more comfortable when you are dealing with the international case. This can be a nuisance for you. Sometimes, the facts can cover two or more countries. The challenge is even more significant when you need to fund your attorneys to serve the individual in one country to another. But the difficulties can be handled when you hire the professional international process service provider. There are times that the different process service is inevitable. There are a lot of challenges that you need to handle.

Serving internationally is a simple thing to do. Knowing the country’s reference to the international process service is another thing. You will need to know whether a state is the signatory of the Hague Service Treaty, Inter-American Service Convention, or none of them. By understanding this aspect, you will know how to proceed with the service. The good thing here is that your trustworthy and reliable process serving company can help you with it. The company will help you from the beginning to make the decision.

The second challenge of international service is timing.

The International Process Service can take up to several weeks to even months. In some cases, the process can also take up to a year or two. When it relates to the lawsuits and legal matters, most folks want to finish them up quickly. But the timeline is not always in the ideal situation. The situation delays can be more significant if the governments and consulates of the country are not the signatories to any conventions or treaties. That means there will be an extended timeline. As we know, the case can be a time-sensitive matter for you and your party.

But with the help of the trustworthy process serving citation Hawaii company, it seems not to be a problem anymore. The process servers will help you to serve according to the rules and laws applied in the specific country. But again, that could take time.

The next challenge is local or country laws and rules. Although a state is the signatory of the conventions, this does not guarantee that the entities can comply with every portion. You will want to make sure that they have no objections when you serve internationally. The thing is that there are specific local and country rules and laws which can’t be intervened by other countries. Translation and language barriers are also significant challenges to consider. Not every legal term in English has the same semantic context in a different language. Even slight minor false can force you to proofread and resend the documents again. And it will take another week, month, or even year until you can proceed.