17 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

Process Serving Evolution by the Digital Things


The world has been rapidly changing with the commencing of the internet and digital technology. Therefore, it is fair to see that the civil process server Hawaii utilize secure digital technology to carry out the process serving services. They use digital technology to interact with the law firm clients and proceeding the process serving. That includes the retrieval, acceptance, as well as delivery of the confidential documents.

The securely encrypted delivery of the court documents has been pretty standard for the modern process servers. The digital technology has changed the process serving beyond the communication levels. The process serving has been evolving because of technology advancement. Nowadays, civil process server Hawaii are using mobile apps, GPS, digital maps, as well as social media to cater to their tasks accomplishments. These technologies have become the core of the process server in locating and serving the defendant effectively.

If you are going to serve someone the legal documents or summons for the court, the professional process server will help you a lot from the beginning to the end. The process servers use the technology to make sure they are delivering the documents to the right person.

  The process servers can use the help from social media to locate a person whom they are about to serve the documents. The top social media sites that they can use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. It is a common thing that folks have at least a single social media account. So, it is sensible to look at the updates and possibly whereabouts through these sites. The skillful process server will also use a search engine to fetch the in-depth information freely from the internet. They can even use the reverse image search tactic to find out the real identity of a person.

Besides the internet, process servers are also savvy in using the GPS and advanced mapping system.

GPS technology is the key to find and locate a person that they are trying to serve. GPS can also work as the digital proof or trace of validation. That means the company can check their employees if they are genuinely visiting the defendant’s house or office to accomplish their tasks. The GPS record history can also strengthen the status of the affidavit of service.

Process servers also make use of mobile apps which are significant in assisting mobile documentary validation and solid record. Who knows, the court requires this critical data.

Process servers are indeed the core part of the legal process. With the technology advancements, all of the parties can take the benefits so that the overall operation of serving documents can be conducted more effectively. Reach us now for further information about process servers.