12 May 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

One of the Examples of Advanced Process Service and Notarization


Notarization is one of the most important things that remain the same in the past decades. However, we can witness the solid proof that bills and documents deliveries and notifications are about to turn into the digital formation. Many people are now familiar with the webcam notarization rather than person notarization. These practices, although still strange for some states, have such prospective future for the process service and affidavits attempts.

As we know, tons of documents are circulated in the US. All of them are notarized such as the writs, wills, affidavits, mortgage, notifications, and so on. In some states, the person-to-person notaries are no longer viable. We have been seeing many cases are failing because of the distances and time barriers. Therefore, the remote notaries are presentable with some apps such as DocVerify, Safedocs, as well as NotaryCam.

As mentioned, the use of the webcam notaries and process server Honolulu have been more significant nowadays. The method is simple to comprehend. The first things first, the document is uploaded. You will then connect with the notary by the video chat, verifying the identity, and the notary will see you signing your name on the screen using the mouse or finger. The notary will then add the signature and seal or stamp through the electronic device.

The webcam notarization can bring up the process service to the whole new level. In most states in the US, the legal process servers should be able to provide the affidavits of service to finish the process. Having the ability to notarize via webcam will improve the quality of the civil process service to attain the testimonies to the law firm. With the practices of e-filling in the court, it would allow the affidavits to be filed quicker and more effective than before. Not every state requires the notarization of the affidavits, so, the webcams acculturation might be a challenge across the nation.

But if all the institutions and organizations implement this method for the legal process service, the notarization process will be much more effective. It will also decrease the risks of evasion. Some states are still considering the proposal of webcam notarization. Guess it is just a matter of time until all the rules accept the new thing. With the digital era transformation, it is fair to be flexible and adaptive to the latest technology. When it becomes common in the US, it will quickly spread to the world. While there are still many issues regarding the new way of notarization, many providers are adaptive to it. It is also possible to process servers in Hawaii adapt to the original method too.