17 March 2019 / Process serving Lanai

Notice of Claim and Small Claims Court Cases Lanai


In the Small Claims Court, cases begin with claims submitted by someone. First, the person/plaintiff must fill in a standard court form or commonly refer to as Notice of claims. Many states have noticed about claim provisions in their laws and regulations. Notices about the requirements of applications must be submitted before the lawsuit starts and within the specified time limit. Three to six months after an injury occurs. Notification of the claim must contain the date and how the event occurred, and some facts cause the prospective plaintiff to have a strong reason to file a lawsuit against the government. After completing the notification form, the plaintiff submits it to the court.

  Same is the case with the Lanai region. Lanai is an archipelago that belongs to Hawaii. To submit a Notice of Claim and Small Claims Court Cases Lanai, citizens must comply with government procedures and rules that apply in Hawaii. There is a division assigned to deal with small court cases namely the Small Claim Division. This division is part of a District Court where a judge decides several types of claims between two parties quietly and informally. In the case of a small court, the party concerned cannot be represented by a lawyer unless the fact is a claim for the return or retention of a security deposit under a residential rental agreement.

  In filing a notification regarding claims on Lanai, the small court division can only handle cases as follows:
  1. The case of money recovery. In this case, the amount of money claimed is not more than $ 5,000, not including interest, and fees that may be provided by the court.
  2. Cases of recovery of funds which constitute a counter-claim by the defendant to the plaintiff. In this case, the amount of money claimed should not be more than $ 40,000 plus interest, and fees that may be provided by the court.
  3. Completion of disagreements about security deposits between owners and tenants involving relationships between housing owners and tenants.
  4. Cases of returning private property rented. In this case, the property intended to be a rental debt must not be worth more than $ 5,000.
  5. Claims of damage recovery or ownership. This case usually occurs due to unauthorized removal of shopping carts, shopping baskets or similar devices from the premises of any business establishment.

In small court cases, the procedure is usually more straightforward and informal. Even processed cases typically do not require a long time to complete. In Hawaii, some Small Claim Divisions are spread over several islands. Usually, the office open Monday – Friday. From 07.45 AM to 4.30 PM. Document processing is carried out on weekdays starting at 08.00 AM to 04.30 PM. Visitors can register and pay the registration fee at that time.