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Modification of the Parenting Plan

Modification of the Parenting Plan Kauai


The holdover petition and notice of petition Hawaii of custody arrangement can be a bit tricky if ones do not know who will be in charge of the child’s custody. That’s why the court and lawyers will help both parties involved to arrange the child’s care and parenting time.

The outcome can be varied depending on each requirement and capability. You might attain the sole or joint physical custody or sole or joint legal custody.
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Custody arrangement can be a bit tricky

For those who haven’t known, the physical custody means that the child should live in the descent residence. Meanwhile, the legal custody refers to the involvement of the authority to conclude the parenting plan based on the child’s interest. No matter how the arrangement work, it is always the “child” that has been the cornerstone. Parenting plan arrangement will look for the best interest of the child. But if the method does not work for the one of the party, he or she can petition for a modification of the parenting plan. That can include the custody arrangement to the parenting schedules depending on the parent’s request.

As long as it is for the best interest of the child, the court will always consider the arrangement very well. If you request the modification of the parenting plan, the court will still find it.

However, the modification will be actualizing if both parents agree with the plan changing. So before taking your specific case to court, you will want to discuss this with the other party. Keep in mind that not all parties would agree with the modification. If for any reasons the other party won’t agree to your request, you could file a motion or a written statement requesting the court for the modification.

The court will give you it is a blessing if you can show any proof or substantial reason why you need to change the parenting plan. The court entity can reconsider the parenting plan if there is a significant or unanticipated factor happening in the parenting interaction. Substantial means that a change which is permanent. Unexpected elements refer to the situation that is out of the expectation or anticipation by both parties. The unanticipated factors can be occurrences such as child abuse, domestic violence, changes in the emotional needs of the child, safety reasons, abusive parent, amongst many other factors.

The court will then send the notice (in which process server will do it) to the defendant to let him, or she knows about the calling. Reach us at nokaoiprocessserving.com for a free consultation.