02 May 2019 / Process serving Hawaii, Process serving Kauai

How to Get the Most Out of the Legal Process Service


Whether you are legal professionals or individuals, there are several things to do to ensure that you get the most out of the legal process service. It is essential to working only with the proficient, experienced, and trustworthy process servers to deliver a satisfying result.

When you work with your process server, it is essential to provide them with precise and actual information. In attempting the service at home or work, accurate information can help speed up the legal process service. For instance, the process servers can complete the order much more comfortable when they know the exact location and time of the subject. For example, if you know that the item works from nine to five, and usually go to the nearby gym, the process server will attempt at the right time. The accurate information will ease the process server to try. It will also help them to minimize the number of attempts, which will also help you to save more time and money in the process.

The skip tracing will be prevalent if the defendant is missing. One of the best ways to track is by digital tracking. For instance, if ones have the driver’s license number, depending on the state, the motor vehicle searches can be conducted online. This will speed up the process. Your process servers can guarantee the TAT for around two or three days. So, you will make it on the court. Vehicle searches are available in several, and it is instrumental in tracking down the missing person.

The process servers will do their best to attempt the service at the alternate location if the subject is not available in their home or office address. If you have sort of information, don’t hesitate to share it with your process serving company. It can be their girlfriend home address, parent’s home, gym address, recreational park address, or any other location that could be the current location of the subject.

If you don’t provide other addresses, the scenario might be getting different. For instance, the server might attempt the service at the residential address, and come back to the office to notify. Providing new possible address can be an excellent way to improve your chance to succeed. If possible, you could prepare all of the addresses to cut down the time.

You could use all the tips above to speed up the time to help you with due diligence process service. Good luck!