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Get To Know Your Process Serving Hawaii

There are a lot of agencies offering you process serving Hawaii, but what are those? There are so many types of process serving, and people who provide the service could come from various backgrounds. So, which one you should choose for your current case? And how could you differ one another? Here is some vital information about process serving Hawaii, moreover about the difference between the servers.

Process serving Hawaii

Registered process servers

Being a process server means that this person/agency needs to prove that he/ it is reliable and trusted. To see which one could be trusted, first, you should check if they have already become a member of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Process Servers).

A member of this association needs to meet certain conditions and have to get recommendations from 2 attorneys which they worked with before. Each process server is registered by their county. In some states,  a registered process server could serve papers in any county inside the country, and some others are just limited to the county registered.

Sworn peace officers

Sure officials like marshalls, sheriffs, and constables could also serve papers. But it is better not to depend on them too much since they also have another main duty to do. They used to be considered good at serving papers because they work in that field. But most of them prioritize their main responsibilities over process serving which has resulted in returning unserved documents. If you have better or equal choices, then don’t choose the officials.

Process Serving Hawaii also work as Private investigators

Most of them know how process serving works and have no problem getting it done for you. But since they don’t belong to any agency/organization, you can’t expect to be offered the exact market price for their service. They are renowned for their specialties, and sometimes they would turn the paper service into an investigation so they could bill the hours to you.

However, there are still good investigator services which could provide you with professional paper service with reasonable price. If you are happened to meet one, it is okay to use their service as long as they are also registered.

Non registered or licensed

You might have asked for help from your friends or families who have the same experience before. But remember, if they are not permitted, then there will be a huge risk that the papers would turn out invalid. You can take advice from them, but still, professional help is needed to get your process serving Hawaii right.

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