06 August 2018 / Process serving Hawaii

Do Landlords Need Process Server Hawaii?

Do Landlords Need Process Server Hawaii?

If you are a landlord, you might have the same question. Perhaps your tenant goes missing, or stop paying the rent. Maybe your tenant is violating the rental agreement, such as not maintaining the garden in the front, or perhaps damaging your property, causing noises that annoy neighbors. If any of these happens in your business, you may think about evicting your tenant.

Most of the time, it is challenging to draft and serve the termination notice to the tenant. But you will need to do it before you hire process server Hawaii to process the eviction case in court. The advice from the landlord to the tenant is essential to do before the formality of the eviction case. In most rental agreements, the 3-day notice is necessary to be done.

Do Landlords Need Process Server Hawaii?

The correct termination notice must be available in your part so that you will get through the process without any problem. If you do not serve the announcement correctly, you might be losing your case. At this point, hiring the professional process server Hawaii can be the best solution for you. The courts in Hawaii are very strict about the notice accuracy. If you doubt this legal thing, you could consult with your process server Hawaii.

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When Landlords Need Process Server Hawaii?

The eviction notice will be different from one type to another. That will also depend on the reason for the eviction. The three days notice that we’d mentioned functions as the notice to fix the tenants’ violation. If your tenants have set their offense, then you will not be able to evict them based on the 3-day notice. When there are no terms broken in the rental agreement, you will not need process server Hawaii to help to process the legal papers. But if your tenants have been proven to fail to correct the problem, then it is the right time to contact your process server Hawaii.

  The notice like “3-day notice to quit” comes stronger because the violation is severe. This termination notice does not give the option for the tenant to fix their violation. The “3 Day Notice to Quit”  comes when the tenants are damaging your property, illegally re-rent the property, causing a disturbance in the neighborhood, and so on. However, the notice will only work if you include the proper language and wordings without slits. Sometimes, people can get creative at their “reasons,” which may make you lose the case. To do the process correctly, don’t hesitate to hire process server Hawaii.