19 April 2019 / Process serving Hawaii

Divorce Petition Can be Nuisance – But You Can Use Process Server’s Help


In case you are requesting the divorce, the divorce petition will be issued by the court. The thing is that not all folks can cooperate with you. There’s a possibility that your spouse does not want to respond to the divorce petition. If that’s the case, it is the right time to call your process server agent to help you.

The key here is to reach out to a trustworthy company so that they can instruct a professional and experienced process server to assist you. If your ex-partner has not responded to your divorce petition within the timeline, it is time to leverage.

The trustworthy company can offer you the professional service to ensure that the recipient receives the right documents. The process server in wahiawa Hawaii will ensure that they deliver at the respondent’s doorstep. But that’s not at all. They will also make sure that the appointed respondent will receive the document. As a result, they will provide you with the evidence that shows the proofs that the recipient has accepted the papers. The report is called “The Statement of Service,” or “Affidavit of Service,” or “proof of service.” The phrases have the same semantic. You will hear one of them depending on the location where you serve.

The Nokaoi Process Serving company will work around the clocks to make sure that the defendant will receive the divorce petition. The company has ample working hours so that several attempts will be made to make sure that the real recipients will take the documents. It is normal for them. On a daily basis, the staffs assist private individuals and businesses who are filling their papers and law firms working for their clients. Nokaoi process Serving company also offer affordable fixed fee service which can be suitable for all folks, regardless of their statuses.

  So, what you need to do first? You could consult with Nokaoi process serving first and explain your case. If you sign the contract, then you can proceed by submitting the documents to the process of helping the company. Or, you could email the documents to them. Then the company will dispatch their best staffs to conduct the first attempt within 48 hours. You could also opt to use same-day service so that you will receive the affidavit of service the same day you order it. If you need more urgent assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us now.