20 September 2018 / Process serving Hawaii

Collecting Your Court Order Judgement

Collecting Your Court Order Judgement

If you have won the court order/decision Hawaii judgment for the amount paid to you, the court will not collect the debts on your behalf. The order from the court solely implies the law by the court to the debtor to pay the mortgage.

Collecting your money from avoiding person can require a lot of efforts and time. Here are how you are going to raise your court order/decision Hawaii judgment.

The very first thing that you can do is to ask your debt directly. It seems to be daunting at first. However, with the court order accompanying you, you will have more leverage to encourage the debtor to pay. You must be able to reach them. If you contact them by phone, you could record your conversation, just in case.

If your debtor does not respect you or won’t do a good deed, you could get a writ of execution from the court. Then the sheriff will send the notice. Or, you could hire a process server to make several attempts to reach the defendants. The debtor will have 30 days until they need to vacate their assets to be seized. While the sheriff might not have the several attempts because they have thousands of cases already in their office, your best option is to rely on the process server to deliver the documents.
Collecting Your Court Order Judgement
The process server will make sure that the documents are received by the defendants no matter what. However, the process will be much quicker if you know the defendant’s whereabouts. You will be able to file a petition in the court to assemble the valuable information on all the debtor’s asset. THen the court will order the debtor to attend the court to reveal where their assets exist. The process server will send the notice.

With the legal help and services, you can have the team who will pursue the debtor to pay you back. There have been many cases that the business owners and entrepreneurs who lose their money because of missing debtors. Their money would go in vain without a conclusion. You don’t have to experience the same thing. The legal knowledge, useful tools such as writ and process server will ensure that your debtor can’t avoid their responsibility to pay you back.

Reach your process server company now to deal with the court order/decision Hawaii documents.