13 March 2019 / Process serving Lanai

Collecting the Court Judgement Lanai


You might wonder how to collect your court order judgment Lanai by yourself effectively. The court might have ruled in your favor, and you have won the judgment. Congratulation! But it is far from the good ending. The court will not be collecting the debts on your account.

As we know, not all people like when you retrieve your debt. People without good deeds will make your life more difficult. These can procure unwilling efforts, time errors, and legal knowledge. The first thing you do after winning the judgment Lanai is to contact your debtor directly. It is the first and foremost thing you could do. You could encourage the debtor to pay you as soon as possible. It is a great idea to make a communication in which you can record. For instance, you call them by phone and record all of the conversations. Who knows, you will need the records later.

When you’ve obtained the judgment Lanai, but not yet receive the payment, you have the right to get a writ of execution from the court. This will authorize the sheriff to seize any assets of the debtor. These assets include banks, earnings, business shares, securities, leasehold, and many more. Your debtor might request for extended time for up to 30 days to vacate the judgment. If the 30 days have been there, you can start seizing the assets of the debtor.

If you have no information about the personal assets that your debtor has, you could tell the sheriff department. You can then file a petition in the court to get the knowledge of all the assets. Consider contacting your process servers to help you with the court filing if you are not sure what needs to be done. The court will then order the debtor to appear in the court to reveal the assets.

Attaining the judgment Lanai is one thing, but the judgment enforcement is an entirely different thing. You might lose your money if you are not able to recover it quickly. That’s why it can be time sensitive to process the judgment Lanai. Make sure you hire the top process servers to help you with the process. If necessary, you could request to the Nokaoi Process Serving company to handle it within 24 hours. There’s a chance that the defendant might avoid the process. You can pursue the debtor to pay you back. Consider the help from Nokaoi Process Serving company.